Be Strong and Courageous

By John Mason

Be like the two fishermen who got trapped in a storm in the middle of a lake. One turned to the other and asked, “Should we pray, or should we row?” His wise companion responded, “Let’s do both!”

Never try to defend your present position and situation. Choose to be a person who is on the offensive, not the defensive. People who live defensively never rise above being average. We’re called, as Christians, to be on the offensive, to take the initiative. A lukewarm, indecisive person is never secure regardless of his wealth, education, or position.

Don’t ever let your quest for balance become an excuse for not taking the unique, radical, invading move that God has directed you to take. Many times the attempt to maintain balance in life is really just an excuse for being lukewarm. In Joshua 1:6,7,9 the Lord says three times to Joshua, “Be strong and courageous.” I believe that He is saying the same thing to all believers today.

When you choose to be on the offensive, the atmosphere of your life will begin to change. So if you don’t like the atmosphere of your life, choose to take the offensive position. Taking the offensive is not just an action taken outside a person; it is also a decision made within.

When you do choose to be on the offensive, keep all your conflicts impersonal. Fight the issue, not the person. Speak about what God in you can do, not what others cannot do. You will find that when all of your reasons are defensive, your cause almost never succeeds.

Being on the offensive and taking the initiative is a master key which opens the door to opportunity in your life. Learn to create a habit of taking the initiative and don’t ever start your day in neutral. Every morning when your feet hit the floor, you should be thinking on the offensive, taking control of your day and your life.

By pulling back and being defensive, you usually enhance the problem. Intimidation always precedes defeat. If you are not sure which way to go, pray and move toward the situation in confident trust and faith. That’s taking the offensive.

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