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Pack of Plates

Usually, my mum would leave some piece of meat for the person packing her plates after meal.

My motivation to pack her plate was the meat. On a particular day, the plate was empty and I just walked pass. One of my brothers came around, moved by a sense of duty and packed the plates. Mum thanked him and while he engaged both hands carrying the plates, she asked him to open his mouth as she dunked a mouthful chunk! The plate was empty, but her hand was full! I didn’t see the hand, I only checked the plate. That lesson never left me!

The reward for packing some plates of responsibilities and duties may not be visible on the plates but wrapped within the faithful fingers of devotion, dedication and selfless service to humanity.

Many people walk pass their fulfillment by looking the other way from obligations simply because the plate poses with an empty reward.

I have since learnt that greatness is postpaid!

Greatness is rarely advertised on the screen of reward but disguised like an empty manger bearing the burden of a full Inn.

You cannot predict the weight of a child by the size of his mother. If you missed the blessings of being responsible to your siblings, clients, partner, friends etc, the best anointing oil will do is to fry your head for dinner in the canteen of frustration.

So, be eager to pack the plates you found on the table of responsibility: at church, home, office, the associations you belong to, everywhere…

Don’t look at those making jest of you, be intentional and live a life of meaningful impacts in this side of eternity.

This story/message did not originate from Zionites. Zionites is a        mere channel through which inspirational messages are conveyed.

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