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Jesus Heals a Man Who Couldn’t Walk

John 5:1-9

  • Question of

    There was a pool by the sheep’ gate. This pool was also known as

    • Bethesda
    • Bethel
    • Bethhaven
  • Question of

    The pool by the sheep’s gate was in which of these cities?

    • Jerusalem
    • Bethlehem
    • Samaria
  • Question of

    People who were sick hang around the pool so they can be healed. Which of these was not mentioned?

    • the blind
    • the lame
    • the paralyzed
    • the dumb
  • Question of

    Jesus asked the man who was by the pool

    • Do you want to be healed?
    • How long have you been here?
    • Who brought you here?
  • Question of

    The man by the pool had been there for

    • 38 years
    • 28 years
    • 18 years
  • Question of

    Seasonally, the pool is stirred so people can get healed. Who stirs the pool?

    • An angel
    • The owner
    • One of the sick people
  • Question of

    Who get healed when the pool is stirred?

    • First person who enter the pool
    • The first three people who enters the pool
    • Everyone
  • Question of

    Which is in correct order?

    • Rise, take up your bed, walk
    • Take up your bed, rise, walk
    • Walk, rise, take up your bed
  • Question of

    Which was the response of the man to Jesus?

    • I have no man
    • I have no food
    • I have no money
  • Question of

    The pool by the sheep’s market has many porches or doorways. How many were they?

    • 5 doorways
    • 3 doorways
    • 7 doorways


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