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Epistle of James (1)



  • Question of

    You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even ______ believe and tremble

    • the demons
    • the apostles
    • the angels
  • Question of

    Which is NOT a characteristic of the wisdom that is from above?

    • defiles
    • pure
    • peacable
    • full of mercy
  • Question of

    Which is incorrect: let every man be

    • swift to speak
    • slow to wrath
    • swift to hear
    • slow to speak
  • Question of

    When you fall into various trials, James said it should be counted

    • as joy
    • as discipline
    • as punishment
  • Question of

    To him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is

    • sin
    • pride
    • an oversight
  • Question of

    This woman was justified by works when she received some messengers. She protected the messengers by sending them out through another way

    • Rahab
    • Rebekah
    • Deborah
  • Question of

    This man believed God, it was accounted to him as righteousness-He was called the friend of God

    • Abraham
    • Moses
    • Noah
  • Question of

    Submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil,

    • and he will flee from you
    • and he will respect you
    • and he will threaten you
  • Question of

    One part of humans’ body James said is difficult to tame

    • the tongue
    • the eyes
    • the nose
  • Question of

    James wrote: Elijah prayed earnestly that it might not rain. It rained not on the earth for

    • 3.5 years
    • 6.5 years
    • 4.5 years
  • Question of

    James wrote his epistle to

    • the 12 tribes
    • the gentiles
    • the apostles
  • Question of

    Is any merry?

    • let him sing psalms
    • let him pray
  • Question of

    Is any among you afflicted?

    • let him pray
    • let him sing psalms
  • Question of

    James considered any man who does not offend ______ a perfect man

    • in words
    • in thoughts
    • in actions
  • Question of

    James compared the tongue to all these EXCEPT

    • water
    • fire
    • world of iniquity
  • Question of

    James compared doubters to

    • Sea waves
    • flowers
    • dusts


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