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This Quiz is based on

LUKE 10:30-36

  • Question of

    Jesus mentioned a certain man who fell among thieves. He was traveling from ______ to __________

    • Jerusalem to Jericho
    • Jericho to Jerusalem
    • Jerusalem to Egypt
  • Question of

    How bad was the condition of the man who fell among the thieves?

    • He was half dead
    • His legs were cut off
    • The thieves removed one of his eyes
  • Question of

    Which of these came first by the man who was wounded?

    • A priest
    • A Levite
    • A Samaritan
  • Question of

    According to Isaiah 53:5, who was wounded for our transgression?

    • Jesus Christ
    • The ‘certain’ man in Luke chapter 10
    • Angel Michael
  • Question of

    How was the wounded man transported to the clinic/hospital?

    • A ride on an animal
    • A ride in a canoe/boat
    • A ride with an Uber driver
  • Question of

    Jesus asked, which of these three do you think was neighbor to the man that fell among the thieves?

    • the Samaritan
    • the Priest
    • the Levite
  • Question of

    How much money was given to the Doctor to take care of the wounded man?

    • Two pence
    • Five pence
    • Ten pence
  • Question of

    How long did the man who brought the wounded man to the clinic/hospital stay with him?

    • He left the next day
    • He left as soon as he dropped him off
  • Question of

    According to John 15:12, what was Jesus’ commandment?

    • Love one another
    • Love God with all your heart
  • Question of

    The wounded man was robbed of

    • his raiment
    • his money


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