The thorn, the pain and the reason

God loves his people too much to let our lives be too easy for too long. He has his ways of teaching us how to cope with proverbial thorns in the flesh, as he did with the apostle Paul.

God often permit weaknesses in certain areas of our lives to make us stronger. He may allow us to experience redemptive pain to protect us from destructive pain. He may be watching as we lay low in some areas of our lives, but no doubt, He will lift us up.

God did not drive out all the enemies before the Israelites. At one point, He chose to make them go through the red sea (which is a longer distance) instead of the land of the Philistines ( a shorter journey) to the promise land.

Our weaknesses and pains are not merely thorns in the flesh, but tools in the hand of a God who loves us and will do whatever it takes to keep us close to him. Ponder why you have that thorn and the pain.

This story/message did not originate from Zionites. Zionites is a mere channel through which inspirational messages are conveyed.

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