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The World Map

A Geography teacher wanted to know how smart his 7th grade students were. So, he tore the World Map hung in the class into several parts and asked each of the students to put it back together within a specified time.

No one in the class could put those pieces together except little Johnny. Little Johnny flipped each piece backward, straightened them out, taped them and flipped it open again. There it was, the Map of the World! Continents, Rivers and Mountains on spot!

“How did you do that?” The bewildered class teacher inquired. Without showing off, little Johnny responded in the humblest manner. “My grandfather was a missionary, he’d travelled to most part of the world.” Johnny continued, “This Map was once in our house, grandfather wrote some words at the back of Map before he donated it to the school.” The words were: JESUS IN YOUR WORLD. All written in upper case.

“I wasn’t really happy when you shred the Map just because it was donated by my grandpa. But I said to myself, I can put it together. All I did was to flip those pieces and put those words together,” Johnny said.

“I knew if I can place the letters correctly, the World Map would be right.”

This story appears like a fiction but isn’t it true that your WORLD would be in the right order if you place JESUS IN YOUR WORLD?

Original story/message was not created by Zionites. Zionites is a mere channel through which inspirational messages are conveyed.

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